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Learn the basics about coaching leaders in organizations | taught by Ann Kruse

Course description

When you start coaching leaders in organizations, you probably have a lot of questions. Who are the people I will be dealing with and what roles do they play? What will my client want to accomplish? This course addresses these questions in a way that will help you come across as a coach who is confident and credible in working with organizations.

This course contains three modules:

Navigating the Three-Way Relationship

When an organization hires you to coach a leader, things can get complicated. How do you manage communication and confidentiality? How do you balance the client’s agenda and the organization’s agenda?

In this module, you will learn

  • six critical success factors in navigating your relationship with both your client and the organization,
  • the most common reasons organizations hire coaches for leaders,
  • how to maintain confidentiality, and
  • how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Understanding Leadership Competencies

How can you help your client figure out how to go from being a successful leader to being an extraordinarily successful leader? From a respected leader at one level, to a respected leader at the next level? The roadmap for this journey is found in Leadership Competencies.

In this module, you will learn

  • what Leadership Competencies are,
  • how organizations use them to create a roadmap for success for their leaders,
  • how you can become fluent in the language of Leadership Competencies, and
  • the most common trap you can help your client avoid.

Entry Points

As you create your marketing and business development strategy, a key question is: who hires coaches, and how to I get access to them?

In this module, you will become familiar with the roles in an organization who tend to hire coaches, some ways to come in contact with them, and some helpful hints for networking.

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Here's what participants have already said about courses in this program

"Thank you for offering that wonderful session. I am a life and wellness coach, and so the world of executive coaching is foreign to me. I appreciated your breaking it down and in particular grounding it in the ICF Code of Ethics. I feel grateful for your generosity in sharing your experience."

"This was my first foray into corporate coaching. It was thorough, thought provoking and filled with expertise based on experience. I can not say that I'm ready to go 'corporate' but this helped me understand the structure, expectations and demands of it."

"Very well prepared and structured content, coming from a rich practical experience, presented in an excellent manner. It was a treat! Thank you!"

"I finally understand where I fit as a coach in an organization. It allows me to have a much more focused conversation with the parties."

"Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and experience in this area. I very much appreciated the webinar."

"Thank you so much for the detailed presentation. You covered many topics that are very helpful for me, and I am sure for many other coaches, beginners or not."

"Thank you for this material. It is AMAZING."

"This teleclass has incredible values: clear to the point, great example, perfect length. I have to say this is one of the most useful recordings I have listened to so far."

"That was one of the best virtual classes I’ve ever attended. Almost every webinar I attend does the same pet peeve. They don’t get to anything useful until waaaaay into the session. For example, for a one hour class I expect them to chit chat with non-useful stuff for at least 15 minutes. You did not do that! You gave instant value, along with a resource for more info. You were succinct. You painted pictures of potential clients, their problems, and how to solve them. You asked questions that captured my interest. And then you gave me a tangible solution. Bless you."

"Excellent, excellent, excellent job."

"I’ve attended a lot of teleclasses. This has been the most useful and productive of all."

"Well prepared, with good insights!"

Ann Kruse
Ann Kruse
Founder and Head Guide

I’m Ann Kruse. I've been advising and coaching leaders for over 30 years, as a professional coach, an organization development consultant, a human resources manager, and a lawyer.

I have worked inside several companies in a variety of industries (technology, law, health care, telecomm), as well as a large government agency. I have founded and managed three separate independent professional practices (as a lawyer, as a team development consultant and as an Executive Coach). I've also been responsible for selecting external executive coaches for a leadership development program in an organization.

One thing that excites me is working with people like you, who are constantly learning and upping your game. I have recently noticed a surging interest among coaches from a variety of coaching specialties who want to venture into leadership coaching. This matches a growing need in organizations for help in developing their leadership bench strength as baby boomers retire. To help you as you enter this market, I would like to share some of what I have learned with you.

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